"Dreams into Reality"

Elevators became an integral part of any building gaining much more importance not only for its functionality but for highlighting the building Architecture as well. An Elevator cab gives character to the building and to the organization where it is installed. Gone were the days when an Elevator was just a capsule carrying passengers, Elevators gained importance as making a style statement. The need for a complete Elevator package was identified by a team of professionals to provide solutions for all residential and commercial Elevator requirements.

American Lift Technology was established in 1998 to provide complete solutions for residential and commercial Elevator needs providing the highest standards in manufacture, components, and installation at a price which was truly a great return on investment!

Our team of professionals creates the Elevators in a manner that adds character to your interior and Architectural work. To fulfill all your Elevator needs, our vast experience is significantly applied for all types of Elevators. These include any kind of special Elevators, wrought iron Elevator Cabs, Observation Elevator Cabs or Elevator Cabs with Wood finish interior.

Our exclusive “Patent Pending” under Platform Door Operator “Galaxy” is well suited for Glass Elevators as it provides a low profile Car Roof.
We work closely with the Architects and Designers for residential and commercial projects to make sure there is no miscommunication in the design. We use the state of the art 3-D modeling software to show how the Elevator will exactly look before we cut a piece of metal or form a part.

Keeping in line with our commitment to high standards of quality and business ethics, we assemble all the products which you are welcome to come and see the product in our Factory before we package and ship them out.

Our Elevators have been showcased in Elevator World issues and won project of the year awards.
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