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American Lift Technology has a unique door operator design that will please the most demanding Architects and Designers called the “Galaxy”. We can mount the door operator and tracks hidden under the platform which opens the top of the car for unlimited possibilities. Our design, with the use of a Hydraulic door operator, or an electric door operator, will provide a very smooth operation. We can provide this unique system for single slide, center opening, two speed, and round doors.


Ying Residence..

Winner of the “project of the year award” by Elevator World magazine in the year 2010 is a big honor for the winning project. This recognition is surely a big deal as it is awarded by the authority on Elevators who choose the winner not only for the functionality but for the beauty and aesthetically stunning designs as well.

American Lift Technology is recognized by the leading authority in the field of Elevators for providing dedicated service to the customers and further strengthening our commitment towards our goal of providing only the best to our clients.

Another piece of art created by American Lift Technology is the Ying residence Elevator. The owner fondly calls the Elevator her ‘favorite toy in the house’ and loves it. We take pride in our creations and our reward is the unique recognition we get from our clients who appreciate the design, craftsmanship which are the best in the trade.


Los Angeles County Museum of Arts.

Renzo Piano Building workshop, a leading Architectural firm proposed to keep the Elevator as a showpiece in the museum!

Their search for something outstanding and distinct that will stand out and impress each onlooker and person entering the museum was fulfilled by us in the form of a uniquely designed Elevator that impressed one and all.

The Elevator was to serve the dual purpose of carrying passengers in normal operation as well as big pieces of art when the need arose. We designed a car with the capacity of 24,000 pounds, the doors 21 feet X 16 feet which are most impressive. The doors with five panels each side, four made of glass and the last panel of painted steel. For passenger operation only the two center panels open, providing an opening of 7 feet X 16 feet. When big pieces of art have to be carried, the doors can be opened completely by manual operation and the art pieces loaded manually. The installation of this piece of art was carried out by ThyssenKrupp Elevator and designed by American Lift Technology.

A high tech museum about the news and the news media was opened in Washington D.C on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House and Capitol Building called the Newseum Building. This museum was recently completed and everything and everyone that made headlines in some form is part of the collection there.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art1 Los Angeles County Museum of Art2
Los Angeles County Museum of Art3


The ‘dream to reality’ Elevator in Newseum is a creation of American Lift Technology. There are three glass Cabs which can carry 100 people and capacity of 18000 pounds each. The walls are made of glass, overall platform size is 8’ – 8” wide and 17’ -5” deep with a stainless steel grating material roof.

The doors are made of glass with the under platform door operator “Galaxy”. The under the platform door operating system makes it possible to give the desired structure to the roof as the door operator is concealed under the platform.

The bottom of the Elevator is completely painted to give a finished look to the cab. The inner layer of the glass has frit stripes painted on them with stainless steel brackets joining the glass pieces. This gives character to the cab. The skirting on the cab is made of glass too. Pictures of this Elevator speak for themselves.

The Architect of this piece of art is Polshek Partnership, the Elevator is installed by Otis Elevator and the lift equipment is by CEMCO.

Architect: Polshek Partnership

Installed by: Otis Elevator

Lift Equipment by: CEMCO

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